Magic Sparkle Dust


This sparkle dust smells wonderful, and feels great! I started this activity with Curly with the intention of doing something different. I followed her lead and we made a very interesting new sensory recipe! To make magic sparkle dust, start with some table salt on a tray. Rub colored chalk of your choice into the salt.









I asked Curly what color she wanted, and she asked for pink and purple. I intentionally gave her the color pink and blue. I told her we don’t have purple chalk, but I wonder what will happen when we rub this chalk into the salt? She started rubbing both colors, and this is where the magic really begins! You do not have to use two different colors of chalk, you only need one. The magic happens as the color of the chalk rubs off into the salt creating colored sand! As  it turned out in our case we had the surprise of the “sand” changing colors as well as the blue and pink changing to purple. Curly loves to play with shaving cream and asked to add this to her play. I couldn’t think of a reason not to! I had a scented shaving cream and it was creamy and sandy at the same time with a lovely aroma!

We added some jewels for some extra magic and sparkle. It was fun to run our hands through (yes even mom had fun playing!).  This is a great way to practice handwriting in a fun no pressure way, as well as practice letter recognition or story telling in the sand.




Some things they learn while they play during this activity:

  • Science investigations
  • Color mixing and learning colors
  • Literacy (letters and story telling)
  • Fine motor (writing letters and words in the sand)
  • Using their Imagination
  • Sensory
  • Making predictions
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4 Responses to Magic Sparkle Dust

  1. Marcie says:

    Sounds like a great activity! I love that you give so much freedom to Curly. Who woulda thunk!!! :P
    …I want to try this later with my little guy!

    • Thank you for the positive feedback. I find that learning means more to children when they have more freedom and take charge of their own learning with their own ideas and interests.

  2. Cliff says:

    Love it!

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