Hand Made Index Card Memory Game



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Games are a great way to spend time with children. They encourage social skills and taking turns as well as working on a range of skills depending on what game you play. Here is a simple game you can make with two items you may already have at home. If you don’t have these two items you can find them at the dollar store for a grand total of two dollars!

You will need index cards and stickers of your choice. A large interest of my daughter’s right now is princess. I found these princess stickers at the dollar store.

Make several different pairs of cards. Lay them on the ground or a table and you have a memory game for your child. This is a great thing to throw into a purse or suitcase and take it with you wherever you go! I wrote the name of each princess so that she could see the name in print as well as learning the letters on each card. This was such a fun way to learn based on her interest! It sure makes learning fun when it’s all about your favorite things and learning through play.

What Children can learn from playing games:

  • Practice taking turns
  • Learning to share and negotiate
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • Rules or experimenting with their own rules
  • Language skills and communication
  • Memory is great for concentration and memory skills of course!
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2 Responses to Hand Made Index Card Memory Game

  1. Cliff says:

    I’m having flashbacks of the Super Mario 3 memory card mini-game :)

  2. What a fun memory! Sounds like fun!

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